This service is an extension of our testing service by implementing a full quality assurance analysis.

It is our experience that many installations are “signed off” as being complete but in reality are anything but complete. Indeed, we have found that very few smart home systems are fully bug free. Examples of issues we have seen are: zones of audio not having all audio services available, data jacks not livened up, alarm zones not configured correctly, lighting control too slow or intermittent, phones not working, smart TVs not connected etc. These are often just teething problems which for whatever reason, have been simply missed by the installation company. The key to getting them sorted is to fully identify and document the issues.

If you have an AV or automation system installed and believe that it is not quite living up to your expectations, then allow us to perform an independent compliance analysis from which a remediation mechanism can be explored.

We can also report on the quality of the installation (wiring, equipment racks, general workmanship, thermal risk factors and electrical safety) of your system.

Equally importantly, we can assess the documentation provided for your entire smart system. We assess cable labelling, port labelling, hub neatness and labelling, instruction booklets and manuals for custom automation installations, and general user guides which facilitate getting the most out of your system.

Finally, we can assess your vulnerability and exposure to risk from data and programming loss. Disaster recovery, when an automation system or network fails must be swift, robust and achievable even if the installation company is no longer in business. We can assist you in taking control of your system thereby removing any dependency on a specific installation company.

Fee for this service: CODE 4-B

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