We can, after extensive consultation, provide a detailed design for your home’s smart wiring and systems. This includes precise details and instructions to your electrician (or home DIYer) as to where to place all core services. This is a custom design tailored to your needs and budget.

This is our primary service to our clients.

"We future proof your future home"

Our designs are comprehensive, robust and unique to your home and your family.

Design (including schematics where appropriate) includes but is not limited to:

  • A Telco hub for both internet and telephone services.
  • A Data hub for patch panel, LAN and networking services.
  • An RF distribution hub for satellite, terrestrial and internal modulation services.
  • An Alarm hub with appropriate network and telephone connectivity.
  • The AV and Automation hub for reticulation of audio and video services (and Automation services if required).
  • Location and type of alarm detection sensors and actions.
  • A video reticulation plan (including services).
  • An audio zone plan (including services).
  • Back-feed and loop-back cabling schematics.
  • Local audio and video source cabling schematics.
  • Central audio and video source cabling schematics.
  • Multi-room speaker cabling maps.
  • Remote control cabling circuits for AV, curtains, heat pumps and gas fires etc.
  • Intercom, door bell, door and gate control cabling schematics.
  • A full WAP coverage analysis and site recommendations based on your floor plans and construction materials.
  • Details of microphone and audio interaction interfaces for voice controlled home technology.
  • Advice on lighting control services.
  • Architectural and bespoke Lighting design.
  • Landscaping bespoke Lighting design.
  • Customized electronic systems (Copyright remains with VSS).
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